Sunday, January 11, 2009

The State of Nic

It’s been an interesting week back at school for my older son.

MIL notwithstanding, Nic handled the transition back to school on Monday gracefully, according to Mrs. D. He was happy to be back, and I can corroborate that he was relieved to have his routine back.

Thursday I met with Mrs. D to discuss the 48 on his Holistic Reading Comp test last month, and I was relieved and pleased that we were looking at the number the same way. I gave her a brief history of Nic, how Decembers have been historically a miserable time for him, and that I would take a 48 in a test over a grand mal meltdown in front of his class any day of the week.

She concurred, and advised that his independent reading, in conjunction with his class work, his reading comprehension is proficient.

(Chopin Nocturne in E flat playing at the airport as I type….a piece I associate with Nic’s early infancy….how fitting that it’s playing at this particular moment….transported to a late afternoon in March nearly 9 years ago….wow…..seems like yesterday…can see the slant of the late afternoon sun in our old apartment….)

Back to Nic in present day—so, he’s doing well, she’s not concerned, and was happy I stopped in to touch base anyway.

Township basketball. He actually scrimmaged on Thursday night, did some drills, and yes, he fell apart, but you know, for about five minutes there he had game. True, the other 55 minutes were rather painful at best, but you live for the five minutes where he looks like everyone else….

That said, I called in a little while ago to see how he fared in the game today. He played for 5 minutes—which was about 5 minutes longer than I was expecting. DH reported that he spoke with the commissioner and that they had a good conversation. Another dad came up to him and told him to keep Nic coming to practices, that he can be good, but he needs to keep coming.

I knew who it was—this guy worked with Nic one-on-one Thursday night. How cool that he wants to see Nic succeed at this.

The workshop went well, and I am happy to be enroute home. I have one last chapter of the book, some cleanup of family matters this week, and more fun stuff to come….

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