Monday, January 12, 2009

G Rising

I spend a lot of time talking about what Nic's been up to and not enough time on G. And he has been doing a number of amazing things lately.

He's writing his last name--Nic didn't do that until first grade. He's engaging in pretend play with his classmates. Nic has yet to learn how to pretend play. He's writing. He's playing--and one of the coolest things he did this week is get out an old Godzilla I gave to Andy as a joke gift two decades ago and roar.

I ask him if he's scaring Spiderman, who seems to be the recipient of Godzilla's wrath.

He just rolls his eyes. "Oh mom," he says. "Spiderman isn't afraid of him. He's scaring the sofa."

Okay! My mistake....

So tomorrow we begin the transition process to K. They will ask me at 10:30 am if I think he will be ready.

And my answer will be--yes.

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Kimmber said...

I can't believe Kindy already.. but then again it does seem so long ago you announced his birth. How can on one hand your shower in Philly feel like yesterday and like an eternity ago all at the same time??