Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Nothing knocks out the best laid plans better than mother nature.

Not sure why they canceled school altogether since roads are now clear and a two-hour day would have more that sufficed. BUT, as it is, catching up on things around the house, with the spouse, went sledding in the slush with the kids. We're sitting around, enjoying the warmth and drinking hot cocoa.

Although I think the kids like the idea of hot cocoa than the actual thing, because I am finishing theirs. But it's a good thought.

So B was out there on the hill again today--he showed up maybe 10 minutes after us. Nic and he had a good time together, and I really like that he has Nic's back. Nic was a knucklehead a few times out there, and B stepped up and stepped in. What an awesome kid he is.

G and I threw snowballs at each other. I had a few good runs down the hill. But it was more slush than snow, and the hill was a muddy, slushy mess. The kids stripped in the mud room when we got back, it was that bad.

I went out to clear Dh's car earlier and the kids from across the street were circling--not sure why. It's not like they knock for my kids. I'm kind of bad, because I just don't address them at all. I should at least say hello, but what's the point? I used to, and they looked at me like I had two heads.

So now I don't bother.

Well, it's an ongoing thing. I hesitate to call it an issue, because it isn't really. It's just the difference between me and my kids and the rest of the neighborhood.

Easier for DH to cope because he doesn't deal with the crap on a daily basis.

So he went into work, I'm doing work but will have a better shot at getting stuff done tomorrow and Friday. And I'm just trying to get past the rising panic about the economy, work, and all that fun stuff. Just wondering how much further we're going to fall before we hit bottom. Wonder what bottom is going to look like.

Keep telling myself it doesn't matter, but fear is an awful thing. Pervasive.

Wondering how badly I'm failing at other things.

Not really feeling bad or depressed, just wondering what's next. Feeling a little unsettled.

Have to reset Nic's meeting--probably next week some time. Also have to get his invites sent out for his party. Should probably get that done today.

Hope we get a couple kids. That's all I ask.

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