Monday, January 19, 2009


First big snow fall of the winter today coincided with my kids' day off. And snow means sledding, so we went sledding over on our hill this afternoon. Well, G and I threw snowballs, Nic sledded. He insisted on wearing a hand-crocheted buttercup yellow cap--and I didn't have another hat for him to wear, so the hat stayed.

Figured it was no big deal.

DESPITE the hat, Nic's friend B and his brother approached Nic, and the three of them spent the next hour hanging out and sledding together.

We've been going to that hill the last 3 years and we've never had anyone pay attention to us, let alone want to sled with either of my kids. Yet here was B and brother, and they had a blast, all three together.

And Nic looked just like any other kid. Except for the hat.

Parents of autistic kids live for this particular moment, when a regular kid approaches your kid and just wants to play. Guess what, we've had maybe a half dozen of those moments in the last year with B?

This mom's heart is singing tonight.

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Kimmber said...

Betsy, that is awesome! Sounds like a great day.