Saturday, January 17, 2009

Now for the Reset

Okay, finally got through the engineering book, picked up another writing assignment, now have to think about picking up a few more and figuring out where they will come from.

I need to go back and ding a couple people for things pending. Hopefully, that will yield a job or two. Of course it would help if I actually went back and billed some phone expenses...I'll do that this weekend.

We just had a busy week wherein we were out every night but last doing something or other. Nic and G had swimming, plus basketball and scouts, and our trip into the city wherein I spoke to the Board of the organization I'm working with about living with autism, and Nic came in (after announcing a raid on the executive director's office) and proclaimed 'and I found golf balls!' Then G walked in with a fist full.

The Board was amused. And I just picked up and kept going.

One member did ask me what I thought the cause of autism was, and I saw the director and communications person just sort of stop breathing. For anyone who DOESN'T know, there is a huge rift in this community over vaccines--and this guy asked a loaded question without even realizing it.

By now I've done maybe a dozen presentations on autism, and I am used to the question, and my answer was as it always is: "We don't know the causes, but the best guess is an intersection between genetics and environment--and we don't know how much of either it is."

And they both exhaled.

G came in and hugged me at one point. I think they forget that both boys have autism, because director said my 'one son' (talking about Nic) got a lot out of the camp, and I had to correct him.

But even the one son, who varies widely and wildly in affect, is showing signs of learning how to blend. His note from one teacher, received yesterday afternoon:

Wonderful moment to share......Mrs. D told Nic to come down to my room to get a permission slip for the trip. Nic came down on his own, explained that he did not have one and asked for what he needed. It was just so incredibly 'normal', he said thanks and went on his way. He did not get side tracked by anything nor did he begin talking about "Harry and His Horrible... And he stood there very still, looking me in the eyes...all just the right body language, etc.! He is the best!!!

Sounds normal, right? Sounds like typical ho-hum 'what's the big deal' behavior.

The big deal is that my son with autism has pulled this off. He CAN appear like everyone else. I don't want him to BE like everyone else, but if he can pull the affect off, that's half the battle. It takes the target off his back.


And G is still G, my lovely little guy with the smoky eyes and sweet face. Normal will be easier for him, even if learning is more challenging. He's sitting across for me with an enigmatic smile as he eats his bagel. He's as opaque as Nic is transparent.

Need to get on with my day, and it will be busy and eventful. More to come....

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