Sunday, January 25, 2009

Balancing Out the Life Ledger

Or talking myself off a ledge?

Yesterday was notable in that there was no bloodshed. I guess that's a big step in the right direction.

The big downside though--the behavior has regressed in such a big way. And the obsession with junk food is through the roof. And I'm not sure what to do about either.

Okay, so last when he joined our heroine, she was sitting here in the dining room reviewing a manuscript and holding a blow dryer to Nic's pinewood derby entry. I looked at the time and realized I had to get over to register G for T-ball, so I left DH to figure it out.

Where was Nic while we were working on the car? On his computer. (which he will NOT have for the next week, but I get ahead of my story)

So I go to register G for T ball and realize when I go to pay that the checkbook is empty--which means running out to the nearest bank and getting cash for it. So that takes an extra 20 minutes.....and time is running out....

So I get home and G is still wandering around in his pjs, DH is in the shower, so I bat cleanup trying to get the boys together. And DH asks "and do you mind my asking where you've been?"

I swear he sets a timer every time I leave the house without them.

Anyway, so we get there, and it's the usual chaos and mayhem at the elementary school cafeteria with all the kids who aren't registering or fixing or doing whatever last minute to their cars are playing chase, getting into spats and generally causing a ruckus. And Nic notices the snack stand and fixates on it, as is his wont whenever we go anywhere.

The snack bar, really, is the beginning and the end of the story.

So, dissecting this. Some of the good things that happened here:

Nic for about 10 minutes was really into the racing and watching his car run the heats; he missed final qualifying by only one point; some of his interaction was not only first-class but age-appropriate.

Downsides: For a vast majority of the time, he acted like he was about 5--and it seemed like the more DH bought him to pacify him, the worse he got (and he heard about that, after). The other factor--lots of kids with issues, so it was *safe* for Nic to act out....and boy, did he take advantage of that.

I took Nic outside at one point over the M&M meltdown and started bleating like a sheep at him. At that point, it was clear his caterwauling was more act than genuine, because he was trying not to laugh--and failing.

So, we canceled the library run, because Nic was in no shape to be taken anywhere, and he howled the whole ride home. DH sent him to his room.

And I went up about 5 minutes later when it became clear he was trying to go out his window.

"I wasn't going out the window, I was calling for help," he told me.


So DH was trying to put the kibosh on Family Fun Night, which was happening over at G's pm placement. It's part of an intergenerational facility, and as a consequence, they have an indoor pool for aquatics. Eventually, I talk Nic off his ledge and we go.

It goes without saying I spent more time in the pool than the kids. I needed the pool after that afternoon. But anyway.

And it was fine. Nic would have stayed by the snacks all night if I left him (and he really is looking doughy around the middle these days, much to my chagrin and dismay), but I fought him, and there was a boy his age to play with. Okay, they were both splashing nuisances, but they were playing together, appropriately, and Nic actually got in the pool, so where's the downside?

And G had a great time doing laps up and down the pool with his noodle. The nice thing about the time in the pool was that I was actually able to swim off on my own and get some laps in, since they are both MUCH more confident in the pool than they were a year ago.

G was the last one in the pool; we all spent about five minutes coaxing him out after every one else had gone to the locker rooms.

And I just crashed and burned with G afterward. Long day.

But we all lived through it.

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