Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cool, cool summer

We had the best weekend with my brother's family at the shore last weekend. A number of firsts, not the least of which was the water park, where both kids had a blast, but Nic shone. He and his cousin went on a number of rides together (G was angry that he was too small for some of these, but he did all right, playing in the kiddie area and doing his sprints).

Notable, Nic went over in his sandals with no socks. That's a big deal. And he went to the men's room on his own.

But the coolest stuff happened on Sunday. The kids did great at church, and both kids, for the first time, went in to play in the ocean. THAT was the single best thing that happened this summer.

Let's see all the firsts that happened: Nic's friend, the successful kiddie camp out, the successful sleep over and barbecue, the night at the shore where both kids were in their own bed, playing in the ocean, climbing rocks, wading in streams, the black-tie gala, swimming in the township pool, the excursions to new places, church-going, yep, it's been a pretty cool summer.

I can't believe school starts in two weeks. We have quite a bit left to cram in before it does!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

So I don't know best

Just a quick write up of the conference at PSU--great conference, we gave a great talk, and I make a cameo at the end of Webcast session 89 (Friday) at the hour 16-17 minute mark.

The closing key note is in direct contradiction with my previous post. Apparently, I need to pursue B despite what his parents think. Man, that puts me in a tough place. I get what they say, he needs his peers and friends among his peers who will have his back.

But as I've said here before, this last mile, this parent acceptance, is overall a mile of really, really bad road. The calls/emails will start shortly, wherein all the moms I NEVER hear from in the school year call or email to see what class Nic is in, the better to head off having THAT kid in THEIR kid's class.....

Girding for harder times ahead.