Friday, January 23, 2009

Passing Fancies, Minders and Footgear

Yet at another moment to measure, take notes, figure out directional headings (and speaking of which, Nic has a map to finish this am).

I had in my head what I wanted to write while I was running the event last night (which went well). And I was kind of all over the place. Let's see what's on my mental plate:


I have two I discovered this week, two people I work with. The nature of both is somewhat surprising, because I'm not exactly sure where it comes from. But S, I think is another member of the Brethren--we haven't spoken much at any particular length, but I seem to have become one of his go-to people. Not sure how that worked out, but it makes me smile. And his is a lovely smile.

I feel like I'm undergoing a team-building effort here--it's nothing I planned, just something that is happening. And it's kind of cool--two more sets of eyes to look after me.


Always seems I have to have an extra *something* to get me through the day. My obsessions over the years have run the gamut from my novel (never published, but man, the cheapest and most effective psychotherapy ever) to various musicians, to various authors, to various people in my life....and nature abhors a vacuum, so it's always something or some one.

Oddly, my obsession right now revolves around action....and I do believe that's a first....


Met my SIL for lunch yesterday to catch up and recap my recent adventures. We had some very intense discussion, but at least she didn't take my head off for some of my more, uh, adventurous doings. She also passed along some shoes her mom picked up for next to nothing. Andy thinks they are ugly, but I think they are cool. I wore them to my event last night. Need a little breaking in, but adding to my 'armor' because they work.

Fickle People

More than once in my life it's been shown to me that generally people care more about WHO you are than what you are. I've never been a WHO so much as a WHAT and what an amazingly effective way to filter out the riffraff, bloodsuckers and time-wasters...(note to self, keep up the good work!)

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