Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh, good

Checked in with my favorite Irishman this am and all is well. Nova winning has put everyone in a good mood. :)

Still miles to go before I sleep--have a frantic week ahead, but it'll be nice to ship all and breathe a quiet sigh of relief, and spend next week catching up with exercise, friends and sleep.

But until then, two articles, 3 chapters and a work-related road trip.

We did get G's glove yesterday. We need to get Nic's poster board today and get his project rolling. Next 48-72 hours will be nuts.

But it will all get done.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hm. Just found myself thinking about some people I used to know. And thinking about how lies were told to suit people's immediate purposes. And how those lies were believed.

And how those lies continue to be believed.

Grand scheme, I remind myself I've lost nothing of any meaningful value. One fake friendship. A lot of extra baggage. Some of it really, really heavy. ;)

I have to ask myself whether the liars thought their deceit was worth it. On the one side of it, yeah, it made them look good. It won them 'friends' (ha) and approval.

And on the other side of it, meh, I've watched payback happen in other ways. They of course will never see it in that light. But I do believe in karma, and payback, and I believe they've both been paid back in ways neither of them will ever get.

Ah well.

I'm not them.


I had a teacher in high school who was fond of saying "a guilty conscience needs no accuser."

I guess mine was poking me last night in my dreams. Had a very odd dream where Fr. M became furious with me. I have never seen this man so angry (although there is no doubt in my mind he is capable). I was sitting here working on my article when the dream came back to me.

It was not a good one.

Then I realized I hadn't sent the lector schedule, even though I made it up earlier in the week. He'd never get mad at me over that (he did get angry over something else, and as it happens, it was a misunderstanding, but one that I was not given an opportunity to clear up).

Maybe it was a warning to NOT do something? Had I planned to do anything?

I make my own head hurt.

Back to the article.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I needn't worry about grade inflation

as he came by the 77 on his social studies test honestly. :P

He got an 88 on science, though. And he had a good week. I ironed things out with his teacher this am, and all is well!


I haven't done the drafts because other work got in the way, so guess what I'll be doing through tonight.....? Oh well, at least it will all get done, as it always does....

quick n dirty post

All right, in the home stretch--on deck is drafts of two articles to finish and submit today, 273 more pages to edit by Wednesday (that's my hard stop--I want this done), and of course I have to go up to the camp later.

Also, looks like I'll have to meet with Nic's teacher. He was practicing his 'Disney' cursive while everyone else was working on their projects. I have to see if he is really deserving of his grades, as I am now concerned with grade inflation.

Funny, most parents would be thrilled if their kids got the grades Nic got. They don't mean a thing if he is not earning them.


We're going to my niece's track meet tomorrow so Nic can see what it's about in advance of his first practice next week. G starts T-ball next week, so I have to make sure I can find a right-handed glove for my little southpaw.

And I still have to finish the TOPSoccer aps for both boys. I think I am going to just fill out the Word Doc and email....

Monday, March 23, 2009


Weekend was good, I unplugged, which I needed to do. I sat on the train and gave my situation a good hard going over and am faintly amazed that the reason why feel so overwhelmed is because I am. I have currently 3 open projects plus the part-time gig. Two end next Tuesday and the other drags on, probably won’t be done that until the end of next week.

Still and all, even if the one doesn’t use me again, we should be good until July, which is the farthest out I’ve been able to see since I left the guys four years ago—has it really been almost four years??

Weekend, well, Nic is done bball, and anyone would have been proud of him on Saturday. He was out to lunch the last quarter, but in the second, he played well—and showed his coach and teammates he ‘gets’ it. He surprised me, too. We all took a walk in the woods and found some snails for our fish tank, DH found some salamanders to show the kids, and G brought home a couple worms to put in our back yard (‘they are my friends!’)

He was up throwing up on Saturday night, but he seemed better yesterday.

Yesterday they boys helped me do some yard work. I got rid of three bags of clothes. Nic went food shopping with me. Made cookies and choc chip banana bread with the boys’ help.

Not bad, actually a pretty decent weekend. Now it's back to work and getting stuff done....again....

Friday, March 20, 2009

Made it through the day

and now it's happy hour. Reprieve came in an unexpected form from a surprise source. The other thing didn't blow up quite as bad as it could have. And I got done everything that absolutely had to get done.

Time to exhale.

Bball tomorrow, then on to conquer...

Maxed out

Finally. I've hit bottom. I know now what it looks like. Or I have before, but this is a new bottom. Different from previous bottoms. Definitely more muddy.

I've stretched myself too thin and this time, there is hell to pay.

I need to get through this. I'm just not sure how, yet....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update and Random Thoughts

So Nic has joined the swim team, per his teacher's request. Only a couple of practices before the meet, but it's at our home pool, I think it will be fine. Last day of b'ball is Saturday. We'll go, finish, and move on.

Had a nice morning with DH and G--we had bloodwork to get done, and G was along for the ride. He liked being the center of attention, for a change.

I have a ton of work (still!) to do--beats the alternative, but I need to unblock my writing channel, which is why I'm over here gushing for a bit. Speaking of gushing, I have the same soppy BB tune rolling around and round in my head, and I wish some one would make it stop.

And I have HOUSE on the brain. I love Hugh Laurie, and this is one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. I just caught the one with the autistic boy and think they got a lot of it right. The one thing that bugged me was that parents like those depicted would know their son better than they portrayed on the show. But I think they got some of the more important stuff right, ALMOST making up for the gaping hole. Almost.

But I decided I like Hugh Laurie more than Stephen Colbert, even though I would still like to mess SC's hair up, just on general principle.

Back to it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crisis of Confidence

Basketball did not go so well last night. One boy kept knocking Nic's ball out of his hands and I saw him kick Nic at least once.

And Nic got punished for lashing back.

I've heard about this, now I'm living it.

Only one more game. But I sincerely doubt we'll do this next year.

Isn't it enough he's in school?

Isn't it enough his brother is his best friend?

He needs to learn how to act in the world, but....

Need to think long and hard about next steps.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I never should have watched vids of the kids last week

I'll be the next six months trying to recover from it.

Life goes on. We had a black tie gala Friday that went well, I had a conference to attend yesterday am in South Jersey that went fine--made some good connections. Nic played basketball--okay, not great. Have to manage my own expectations of him. I don't expect him to play great, but I do expect him to play. He played great the last minute--if he played that way every minute--or at least every OTHER minute he was out there, I'd be happier.

I know he can do it. Sometimes he wants to. Other times, not so much.

Need to get back to work. Too much going on.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drowning, Not Waving

The busy two weeks is quickly turning into a busy month. I knocked out that which I needed to, only to find three more deadlines in their places.

GREAT. I'm happy for the work, but I think I have in fact bitten off more than I can chew.

(Sleep is overrated)

Good news on other fronts; the neighbor kids asked Nic to go scootering with them on Monday. He's liking basketball and soccer, and we're doing township for both next year. Scouts is done. He didn't have a good session last night, and he doesn't like it. Meeting tonight, fancy dinner for us all tomorrow, basketball on Saturday.

And somehow all the work I have on my plate will get done.

(Sleep is overrated)

Have to finish the database update, and then back to the paper.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


The most scripted line in my house right now, from Toy Story:

"You are a sad, *strange* little man. And you have my pity. Farewell!"

Buzz Lightyear--in quadrophonic sound. Who knew?