Friday, January 30, 2009

And the follow up--stellar report card for our Nic

Nic actually went up in just about every subject and grading parameter this quarter. He dropped to an A- in math and came down in one (of 42) grading parameters. But overall, he just blew me out of the water. The icing on the cake was this note from his teacher today (I had shared the good moment at the doctor's, and this is her response):

Thanks so much for sharing this with me. I have seen Nic take a lot of great steps this past year, especially these past few weeks. For example, in the beginning of the year -- Nic always asked to have another boy walk him down to the bathroom, water fountain, another classroom, etc. In the last few weeks, when Nic needs to go somewhere, he has felt very comfortable going by himself and has been very successful at it.

This past week, I was very happy to see him working nicely with his Science project group. His group was working on finding information about rain forests. Nic was able to record all the information with his group and contributed a lot on the poster they had to create. This would have been a huge challenge for him at the beginning of the year. Today, one of the members of his group went home sick and he really stepped it up to help finish the poster with the other group member.

I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to work with Nic each day. We are both learning so much this year! Looking forward to seeing you next week. Have a great weekend!!!

He also brought home 2 As in projects he did, plus an 84 in his map and landform test.

I am SO proud of this boy!!

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