Saturday, September 22, 2007

meandering chardonnay fueled rant

Where to start? Dh is stuck in Italy; he left a week ago today and was supposed to get in yesterday. Long story short, he overslept, missed his flight, and won't be in until tomorrow.

Nic. Ah, Nic. Kicking academic tush in 2nd grade thus far, but is so seriously lacking in support (his teacher is split between two classrooms and they just got around to hiring an aide...whom I am beginning to understand is not enough). I get emails basically blaming Nic for his own bad behavior when it seems to me that it's easier to blame nic than to give him the support he needs. Seriously considering calling an IEP on this NOW.

More Nic. We started swim lessons this week, as I have found a pool both boys will get into. We did family swim at that pool today. I feel good about this. I think I've found something that both boys can have fun and success with.

More Nic. So our last day of our parish carnival was today and I took both boys. They had a blast, except one man kept Gabe off a ride that I think Gabe was tall enough for (or one kid got off who was Gabe's height, and he had no adult with him--so I don't know why Gabe was kept off, esp since I was riding with him, but anyway). The big downer was the big slide. We rode it about 10 times, but the guy at the top, when he saw how upset Nic was when he didn't give Nic the middle lane, kept pushing him to one side or the other. I finally marched up there and told him "Shame on you, he's autistic. Give him the middle lane and stop riding him like that!" (I had been going down with Gabe and we weren't all together--I would just see Nic looking upset, and of course, Nic loses his ability to put a coherent sentence together when he's upset).

The guy just gave me a look like I had two heads. Didn't even have the humanity to look ashamed at harassing a disabled kid.

Right now I'm just p*ssed off. Why does eveything have to be such a freaking up hill battle? I would love it if for one day I wouldn't have to be putting on my battle garb for one boy or the other.

(ps, Gabriel STILL doesn't have an IEP or notice of placement, even though he's been going to school the new four-day schedule).

Tired of this sh*t. Need a vacation. Or more wine.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

End of the week, month, summer

Had the audit yesterday. I thought IEP meetings were bad, but this was worse. Nothing is resolved; more info is needed, and I pray that whatever we provide will be enough to absolve us. Thinking we should hire out to do taxes from now on, as general incompetence seems to have triggered this.

And my biz, of course. Maybe I should work for some one else and get my W-2 and call it a day (shouldn't have even typed that, I just gave myself hives).

SO I've learned a few lessons here. Things are not bad or unmanageable, but sometimes taken together with the autism (can you believe THAT came up in the audit??)--not so much autism, but all the complications that ensue, especially with Nic--well, I think sometimes that getting a get out of shit free card should be mine for the playing.

But it's not, so I deal.

We've come a long way in two years

We had the semi annual dentist appointment yesterday, wherein we all go en familie to get our teeth checked, cleaned etc.

Two years ago, Nic needed restraints to get the cleaning done (and two teeth pulled). I hated to do it, but the only other choice was anesthetizing him, which I refused to do. We got it done, but with no shortage of screaming, yelling and general mayhem.

A year ago, we didn't need the restraints, but Nic needed to be in my lap. And he did a fair share of yelling from the chair, but at least this time we didn't need to be in a closed room significantly apart from the other patients.

This year? He went to the chair on his own. I was getting my own teeth checked and cleaned a few chairs down and could hear Nic chatting with the hygenist between getting his mouth checked and teeth cleaned. When he was done, he came down to my chair to get his brother and shepherd him over to get his teeth checked and cleaned. (and Gabriel was fine, too).

I never would have imagined that we could actually go to the dentist and have it be a somewhat 'normal' experience. For as far as we have to go, I can't believe how far we've already come.