Thursday, January 22, 2009

No Profundity Today

Fresh out, and I have to get stuff done. In no particular order, register G for K (or reschedule registration, I was supposed to go in on Monday....:P), get some food, follow up phone calls for my next article, banging on a few doors and windows for more work, make sure that the friend hanging on by his fingernails is still hanging on, and oh yeah, Walk kick-off tonight (I like work events where I can bring the kids). And if I can get Nic to b-ball practice after, I'm doing something.

How did we get to Thursday so fast?

And looking at the calendar, things are stacking up like planes over O'Hare. Have to remember that the last day for T-ball reg for G is Saturday (as is the Pinewood Derby, Basketball, and family fun night.....)

(I"m going to get yelled at for overscheduling but want to remind the room that scouts was NOT my idea)

Oh yeah, and I have a birthday party to plan...and I'd better get on the stick because that's in just over 2 weeks....

And not for nothing we are asked to come up to dinner next Sunday for nephew's 27th birthday. I already have a call in to BIL to request that we piggyback Nic's festivities on...and I am hoping they go for it, because for God's sake, the kid's not a kid anymore and does he *really* have to have his aunt and uncle over? (and moreover, do I really have to buy him a present? I was supporting myself for 7 years by his age....but anyway)

I am hoping that the mere thought of the inconvenience this places on them to come down will cause sense to prevail....and of course I am trying to head off the inevitable MIL visit, really, *she was just here.*

Hasn't been broached yet, but I know it's coming.

(Besides, we have 70th birthday festivities, just my family, for mom the day after Nic's birthday--and I am going to lean on that for all it's worth)

And as my dear friend K says, I need to expect the extinction burst...

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