Thursday, July 23, 2009

Taking the Bull by the Horns and Steering it....

Wow, bull? Steer? It's way too early in the am to get punning.

Tennis went well; I think we have a new thing for Nic to work on. G is all over the place. I'm getting a better idea of what he needs, but he/we have a lot of work ahead.

I'm....better. Not great, but I have a deadline looming and work to do, and that's usually enough to get me back on task. G still needs a haircut and now he seems to think so, so I might get that done with him this am--and sneak in the promised trip back to the mall, just us, before Nic comes back from ESY.

How much of Nic's behavior is just summer? He started with the tantrumming yesterday over the Wii and I made him go get a drink and go out and take a spin on his bike. That seemed to work, and he seemed amenable to it.

Have to get this place in shape for K&A's meet up with Fr M this weekend....

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