Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back in Business

It's so easy to lapse into hopelessness when things go wrong. So much so that when things go well, it never fails to amaze and delight.

I *could* have let the parking ticket I found on my windshield ruin my day when I got back from the city. I shrugged, wrote a check, and dropped the thing in the mail. Nic came off the bus shortly thereafter (now finished ESY--and what, only 6 weeks until school starts again? THIS should be interesting), and we went to pick up G to meet up with friends.

Actually, given the last couple weeks, this meet up made me nervous. BUT, once we got there, my kids and my friend's kids clicked (thank goodness) and we managed to have a conversation while the kids played. And as a special bonus, Nic discovered not one, but two elevators, thus making this a most successful outing all around.

There is really no substitute for hanging out with people who get it. What amazes me is how Nic is so willing to play on the playground when we meet up with friends; my taking them to a playground by themselves often results in Nic sitting somewhere and sulking until we leave.

We parted company after a lovely time, and the boys and I made out next stop, a pool party hosted by DH's boss and wife. Of course the kids didn't like anything but the desserts (because they served *real* food that mom and dad like lol), but they both had a great time anyway. Nic played in the pool with the steady stream of kids, and G praised the bigger kids' diving while doing his little sprints alongside the pool (he went in briefly a few times). The party broke up a few hours later when thunderstorms rolled through the area.

DH instructed me to lead him out (he came over directly after work about an hour after we arrived), so I took the backroads and pointed out a great blue heron to the boys. Then I saw the rainbow.

"Wow!" Nic said. "I dreamed that, but I never saw one, before!"

So they watched the rainbow 'follow' us on the ride home.

And they slept very well.

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