Saturday, July 4, 2009

More friends and a good time was had by all

Spent the better part of yesterday doing a clear out in a big way. There are many things going out in the next round of Purple Heart pick up. Nic helped me do a toy purge, and I am going through and looking to get rid of more stuff. The boys' paperwork is more or less in order. And they did help clean up at bit. DH came in from work and I left him to finish up while the boys and I hit the library and then the playground.

The library was only a pit stop--my goal was to get them to the playground since they were stuck inside while I was beating the downstairs into shape. "How many minutes, mom?" Nic wanted to know. It had taken 16 minutes to get there from the library, so I told him "35---go play."

After a while, the little boy stopped by the next table and told his mom "I want that boy in the Eagles shirt to play with me, but he's ignoring me."

I chuckled and put my two cents in. "Here's a hint. Ask him about elevators?"

The kid squinted at me. "Really?"

I nodded. "Trust me."

He shrugged and ran off to try it out. His mom turned to me, and we got to talking. She's older, with 7 year old twin boys, and the one who stopped was the chatty one (who is actually quite a nice little guy--his twin was steadier and somewhat more easy-going, and also a nice kid).

And it wasn't long before the chatty one had engaged Nic in a game ("It worked!" he told me with some awe) and G was involved. So we stayed there about an hour past the 35 minutes, which made me happy. I chatted with mom while our kids played.

Again, so normal, so mundane, SO not my life!

We swapped phone numbers and I gathered the boys because G started to chat up any one who stopped near him about WALL-E and UP.

Overall, a successful trip. New friends and a good time--not bad.

So we will have friends by today for a cookout, and of course MIL and dog land later this am. She's going back tomorrow night. I'm not letting her wreck my good time.

Or anyone, for that matter.

Yeah. The kids are all right.

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