Monday, July 20, 2009

Broadsword Unsheathed

I am NOT in the mood for anybody's cr@P (or as my friend N would have it, CARP) this week.

We did have a good weekend; we went to a friend's for a barbecue on Saturday after a visit to the Insectarium and although a visit got cancelled yesterday, we made the most of a fundraiser for the boys' tennis program and got some stuff done that needed getting done.

Stopped over to say hi to Fr M after mass. Nic does awesome these days (just two years ago I wrote here about how he got stuck under a pew and 11 adults surrounded him trying to unstick him). G didn't have such a great day, but even his worst now was better than Nic's best then, so I can't complain.

So, this week will be getting stuff in order, preparing for MORE CHANGE and getting a 3K article written.

And as for what surrounds us, meh, it is what it is. My friend K put it best when she wrote "daily barrage of petty and draining crap." Eh, bien.

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