Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chasing Normalcy

This is a rather pointless pursuit, but I do it for no other reason than to flip off the neighbors.

Maybe I do it also to prove to myself that my kids *do* have full, rich and fulfilling lives.

The kids are happy. But it's not lost on me that Nic won't go out when the Perkettes and Mini Capris are out. And it's not lost on me that G is crushed when he says hello to same and is ignored. ("Don't waste your breath," I admonished G rather loudly--and I hope Perky heard me.)

So we went up to the cool pool with a picnic dinner on Monday--Nic sailed almost the entire time in the lazy river. G was uncharacteristically shy and unadventurous. He used to be my water boy, so I'm not sure what's going on. Also on Monday, another id'ed kid knocked on our door--and it turns out he lives around the corner.

I can see some normal activity ensuing as a result.

Yesterday Nic and I went out and met up with some friends. G helped me clean out the back of the van, we met up with dad for dinner and went to walk the mall for a bit.

Today we have tennis and I am coaching.

And we have a whole raft of activities planned for the rest of this month into next. August will be tricky--no ESY.

But we'll figure it out.

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