Monday, June 1, 2009

UP, CYO, and When I Grow Up

I feel like I can finally talk about UP at some length. Although it is is admittedly not for everyone, I think it's Pixar's best yet. If you can take a couple apparently unlikable protagonists and not only make them sympathetic but also lovable, you know you've struck gold.

The kids loved it. I think they both identified with Russell on some level. And I definitely identified with Carl. Probably also somewhat with Kevin and Dug.

Muntz reminded me in equal part of Captain Ahab and an ex.

Great movie. We're definitely going to see it again.

Okay, so we did the CYO breakfast. We lived through it. Nic did awesome at the mass before hand, and we were asked to bring up the gifts at offertory. When I consider that this is the same kid who got stuck under the pew two years ago, I can say with all conviction that he HAS come a long way.

Now to get onto making the sacraments. Now MIL is harassing DH about communion and Nic. He's at least two years out from that happening. Maybe I can talk to Fr Mike about doing confession and and communion together next year, since he officially has a year of PREP under his belt already and you need two.

Oh yeah, so back to the CYO thing. So all the kids already know each other, and all the kids sat together, and Nic was the only kid just about sitting with mom. And mom really didn't know any of the other CYO parents, so we were off to the side on our own. Which, you know what, suited us both fine.

Note to self, skip the banquet in the future, do track. Leave it there.

As for the last, had a long chat with Dh on the way home from the ILs. He wants me to give up the charity gig. I told him freelance has dried up for the time being and it might not be a bad idea to hold onto the gig through the summer (since I already have this sort of figured out). I'm continuing to knock on doors, but I'm actually okay for right now. There's enough to do. More than enough.

Now to get ready for the week. It will be busy.

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