Monday, June 22, 2009

Am I Wrong?

Just ruminating on something K said the other day (as I prepare to write something up for my day job--one of them, anyway, I need some warm up).

The quote: "I go with my gut and I am seldom wrong. But when I am wrong, I am spectacularly wrong."

I'm a gut girl, myself. Situationally, my gut is NEVER wrong; I ignore it at my peril. Experience has taught me that I lose--big time.

People are harder. I can pretty much tell up front friend from foe. But I have been fooled. And that's cost me. On the other hand, people I *knew* would shaft me I confided in, anyway. It was actually a relief in a way to be proven right, even if it did burn me in the short run.

But there are one or two people who still, years later, cause me consternation. I don't understand their betrayal because they did not seem to derive any direct benefit from it. I suspect they were used, and probably continue to be used.

Sheep, I guess, thus disposable.

But still.

Animals are easier.

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