Thursday, June 4, 2009

Before Noon Today I

-got chewed out for an email I sent--the mistake I made was an honest one, and it turns out my boss was operating from the same assumptions I did
-went to a PTO meeting and voted in favor of purchasing new technology to help the teachers and okayed a new program to stop bullying at our school
-went to the dermatologist and had three moles removed and biopsied. One apparently has gone thermonuclear. Or not. In any case, I won't know til next week, so I'm not worrying until I have to
-saw G's alternate placement--and apparently convinced the powers that be just by being there that he needs to be in his own school with his brother, taking the big bus--as discussed
-wished my brother a happy belated birthday
-called Nic's doctor about the bull's eye rash on his back--we'll go in and get lab work done and start the antibiotics tomorrow
-continued phone tag with my fellow room mom

Gearing up for the second half of the day, which is more doctor appointments, phone calls, emails and figuring out dinner. It's only Thursday? Or is it Thursday already?

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