Thursday, June 11, 2009

One down, one to go

So Nic's sitch is settled for next school year--the teacher I was hoping he'd get, plus the support. The kids again will be divided into two rooms--thank God! I think they knew I was going to kick up a hell of a fuss if they put all 4 ASD kids in one classroom (inclusion? how's THAT inclusion??)

I have to finish writing up G's PT report this am and get that over to the SPED office and get him figured out, now.

And both boys will ride the big bus. That gives me fits for many reasons, but I'll get through it--and so will they.

Finishing up some personal stuff this am--I looked at the calendar and realized with some amazement that school finishes up imminently and I have to figure something out for the hours sitch at work.

Waiting to hear if a project I put in for comes through--if it does, we're going to Europe in August. And if it doesn't, we're not.

Sitting here eating breakfast with the boys and making plans for the summer. Even if we don't make any big trips, we'll probably do a lot of fun stuff locally, which is fine. We have friends to catch up with, elevator trips to make, and yes, we'll still hang out in the woods. I'm not going to let Lyme disease rule our lives, but man, this was definitely a schooling I could have done without.

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