Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Friends

Only time for a few lines, but another awesome time with another set of good friends. We headed over for what was going to be an hour but stretched into the evening. Nic played ball, swam in the pool and rode a bike; Gabe played with everybody and told stories while doing his little sprints in between. And after a dinner from the grill, we wandered down to the creek and threw rocks in the water.

We just got in a little while ago. So what if the neighbor kids don't play with my kids? My kids do have real friends.

It really is a lovely evening. :)

Although worth noting, we went out for my birthday the other night--we were going to do Japanese and Nic was whining about that. I told him "I just got finished telling Aunt M you don't do that anymore."

And he stopped! Just like that! :D

(ps, we went to a brew pub instead and everyone was happy)

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