Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thanks, I needed that

Back and fully recharged from my retreat with the boys to my friend's house in rural Eastern MD. If K and I weren't so busy we'd make this happen more often; if we lived closer, we would definitely make it happen more often.

There was the usual nuttiness, but the things I'll remember best is all four boys piled into the hammock and swinging so high they were knocking each other out of it. Or Nic and her boys riding up and down the driveway on their bikes (something Nic refuses to do here under the watchful eye of the neighbors). Or maybe Nic jumping off the pier into the river. Or G paddling along under the pier once he felt comfortable in the water.

Or the joy on their faces as they watched the otters at the Maritime museum.

I loved, loved loved this time away. I am ready to deal with the craziness I left for 48 hours with a clear head.

Now for some Wii....

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