Saturday, June 6, 2009

Of schadenfreude and Animals of Hostile Intent

Just a few lines to get down this am before getting into the swing of the weekend-tee ball, barbecues and get togethers are in the near future. Still trying to figure out what to do about the block party invasion next week--whether we crash or avoid altogether. I haven't decided. I think it all depends on whether I wake up feeling passive or aggressive.

I thought I had pared down my friends--or at least the people I don't mind having around--to those who truly wish me well, but find that there are still a couple around me firing poison darts when they think I'm not paying attention. Or perhaps it's to get my attention. But whatever the case, said people (actually person) I'm putting on ignore for a bit. However, person is so wrapped up in same's own in internal drama that little notice will be paid. Whatever.

In touch with another friend over a similar software issue yesterday led to a somewhat unexpected dialogue over a shared former acquaintance. My reference to person as 'an Animal of Hostile Intent' (thanks A.A. Milne) led to much hilarity--and then sobriety when the friend realized I had pegged this person accurately.

All this happened, plus a performance I attended for my older son, some work related phone conversations, and finding out more things about my younger son, led to a very thoughtful evening last night of cooking and considering some of my next moves. I already know there is nothing I can do to control the actions or inactions of others, so I don't even concern myself with those things. I only concentrate on that which I have some measure of control--which is how I react to how other people act or don't.

And this week, I just have other fish to fry.

But I am grateful to the bunch of people who responded to an SOS I sent via email yesterday. Fr M left me a phone message which makes me think some one was complaining about me again--he is a very sweet, loving person, and there was no sense of him shaking a finger at me--but the subject matter clearly points to my scheduling abilities (or lack therof). Mission accomplished, and I didn't interrupt anything. Yay.

I hate calling people on their cell.

So, I take care of things this weekend that need dealing with and next week is a new week. I straighten out G's situation, figure out Nic's, and then I get my stitches out and figure out what they next to dos are.....

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