Monday, June 8, 2009

Record keeping stuff before I forget

I made shrimp and vegetable lo mein for dinner--good stuff, but the boys weren't impressed. Wish they weren't so damn picky. They are SO not my kids that way--I always ate anything.

Took Nic to get his titres done, and he was quite the man, sitting there quietly while the phlebotomist drew two vials from his arm. Four years ago, he sat in my lap and I held him down. We've come a long way.

Kind of on a roll thinking about Fr M--I was pretty lit and did a 'history of' for DH last night over dinner. He was not so much surprised as wondering why I was sharing all this stuff with him. He doesn't get attached to people the way I do, so he was maybe a bit perplexed.

He doesn't have that whole MIA parent thing going on that I do, either.

I don't attach indiscriminately. I did, at one time. I got over that years ago. But I can remember meeting him, and it was one of those rare moments where you lay eyes on some one and realize you are in EXACTLY the right spot at the right moment.

I liked and trusted him on sight. And as time went on, I realized the opposite was also true. He sought me out, and no matter how crowded a room was, he always managed to find me. I remember once being in the auditorium for one of the stewardship fairs and he came in, made a beeline for me, to just to say hello and "your smile lights up a room."

Full disclosure: I smile habitually not because I am happy but because I am perpetually running things that make me smile and/or laugh through my mind.

Fr M is of the brethren, and there is very little to nothing I've ever had to explain to him. And the vice is versa. When I lector during his masses, the only time we make any eye contact is during the sign of peace--he turns to me from the altar and I wave from where I am. But Sunday, and this was my first inkling something was wrong, he looked out at me first at the start of consecration, and then in the middle. The second time I realized he was really having trouble.

I nodded from my spot. *GO ON.*

He nodded himself. The whole exchange happened in the space of half a minute and no one else saw it. And he finished without a stumble. And then when he told me after what was going on, I just listened, offered some thoughts he requested, and went on my way. So I get it, too. It's good when it works both ways. Pretty rare, too.

And my family loves him, too. DH, who has no use for anybody, has nothing but good things to say about him--and the same is responsible for getting DH back to church. The boys adore him. The little one asked if he was like Grandpop--and the answer is, yes, he is a lot like grandpop. And they probably knew each other.

Need to burn some road trip disks...better get to it.

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