Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gambles Sometimes Pay Off

So I enrolled the boys in a nature program last night so DH and I could go out to dinner. From a normal parent's perspective, this is no big deal. From autism central, you don't think about doing stuff like this.

Well, I did. And they did wonderfully.

Full disclosure: once upon a time I looked at these events that would come through my email with a great deal of wistfulness--wouldn't it be NICE if I could sign the kids up?

It's never G so much as Nic. He's a handful. G is usually fine.

Fueled by the relative success of township basketball, his classroom, his social flowering (I can't really describe it any other way--THAT's exactly how it looks) and his swimming successes, I signed both boys up. Made dinner plans.

And for about 3 hours felt like just about any other parent.

It was a success. Both boys had a blast. I was not called to get them early. And DH and I had a nice after dinner stroll through the woods before we had to pick them up.

It was a beautiful evening--for all of us.

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