Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Will Never Sit Alone

Just back in from the Ministry Cook-in (thunderstorms threatening sent us inside), and it went well. The kids had a great time, G found a couple kids to play with, and Fr M as usual did something cool.

He sat down next to me, because there was no one else at our table. He knew he would draw a crowd and he did. He left about halfway through to go sit with another family, and his having been there guaranteed that I would have people to talk to.

Seriously. I love that guy.

So we chatted on a bit, the kids played, Nic of course was ready to leave once he had dessert, but I waited until I was talked out and G was played out before gathering them up and heading out.

It was perfect. We didn't stay too long, and we stayed long enough that both G and I were satisfied. We had a nice chatty walk home, the three of us, and they are watching James and the Giant Peach while I finish some work up and have a glass of wine.

Experiencing some serious peace right now despite the turmoil. It's a good life.

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