Sunday, February 1, 2009

Payback Time

At BIL's and it's not going well. Still trying to crank on the story, about half written, then I'll have to edit.

Nic's not been dealing well with being here, and I am thankful we are not here that often. He just feeds off the drama.

Party today went okay. Found out about another classmate's party because we saw them pass by our room. Nic not invited, naturally. Oh well, Nic didn't invite this kid to his party, either.

More lines to color in on the belief front, brunch with L yesterday, bearing witness today at church...just getting the sense that I need to stand up to the courage of my convictions. Did I say that right? Possibly I am somewhat lit right now.

And other stuff happening. Oh, A LOT of other stuff happening. All I have to say is thank God DH stood up to MIL and she is not coming with us tonight. She wanted to, but he shot her down.

So, her plan was to come down, spend the week and go back Thursday or Friday, then come back Monday or Tuesday next week to stay through Sunday. Uh, NO. She was JUST at our house. DH got rid of Italian satellite, so not sure what she is going to do.

*shrug* we were spending $60 a month or thereabouts for something that only gets used when she comes down. I'm sure there will be pushback. Well, she's an hour away, she doesn't need to move in for weeks at a time.

SO. We have two guests so far for Nic's party. I'm thinking of calling some of my friends for backup.

That'll go all right.

I really need to finish writing so I can start editing....

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