Friday, February 27, 2009

Humming Along

Going quiet for the next little bit--lots of work to do, deadlines to meet, all good, just intense. I need to finish 300 pp to copyedit by Monday, and my next blog for the IT site is due. Here's the first one. I am quietly proud of it.

And another article due, plus the charity stuff. Oh yeah, and the kids. So it's busy.

IEP for Nic on Wednesday went great--we're upping direct OT and social skills and dropping back on pullouts for speech. He qualifies for ESY--two blocks--for reading and comprehension. Fourth grade placement right now is in the air, but I am confident that the team will do the right thing by all kids with whatever decisions are made.

Dropped the coach a line about last week. Not sure I'll hear anything back, but we'll go, he'll play, and it will be fine. We're starting up swimming again in a couple weeks, picking up track, and TOPSoccer will kick in, too. We'll have a good busy spring. OH...and G is in Tee-ball. So yeah, lots to do.

Off I go, meetings to attend, etc.

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