Monday, February 16, 2009

That felt good, out here

Just got back from a trip into the city with the boys, complete with lunch. They had a blast, and it was all included in the cost of a pair of train tix and lunch. Considering that all they want to do is hit the train store, stop in a pair of bookstores and ride elevators all day, they are cheap dates.

We hadn't done this is a while, and it actually felt pretty good to be out and about. The insistence on hitting the high-end ladies stores on Walnut St for the elevators was a bit much, but they had a good time. It took us about 4 hours to work our way from 8th and Market to 30th St by way of Chestnut and Walnuts Sts.

And I came in to find another job waiting for me.

The thing I am *really* waiting on hasn't come through, but with all this other stuff on my plate, I am hesitant to pursue it. I don't want to take it on if it means doing a half-assed job.

So I'll do these other things and keep cranking.

Listening to: The Motorcyle Diaries Soundtrack

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