Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Variety Autism Walk on March 29

I'm walking! Support a great cause at

AND....Nic swam 10 laps unsupported, no floatie, no one holding him up, no nothing, last night. And all because he got a pair of swim goggles for his birthday.

He also got his Buzz Lightyear. We had gone on a mission to find one for him to no avail on Monday, and he was quite bitter about our failure. He came off the bus yesterday bearing the plastic figure like a torch. As a matter of fact, it LOOKED like a torch when he got off the bus.

I hoped he hadn't shown it to his class, but he did. *sigh*.

SO. We missed bball practice last night, but he has a bye this week, so back to routine next week. He likes basketball and swimming both now.

Good stuff.

And I've discovered the therapeutic value in Wii Boxing. I've knocked out every opponent I faced so far. Nic declared last night "You are *good* at this, mom!"


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