Saturday, February 14, 2009

Red Shirted on Valentines Day

I don't know if this is general usage, but my friend K uses the term 'red-shirted' interchangeably with red-flagged--the context being (usually) that are kids are flagged by virtue of how they look in the classroom and in the schoolyard.

I'm looking at this from a professional standpoint. I've signed two more short-term contracts (so now I'm good until May or June, depending on how timely the second one is in payments). As it happens, in both work and romance, if some one finds you attractive, then EVERYBODY else does, too. So having said that, I had a job with a short-term turn around bluebird in this week, and work to do with that project this weekend. (Which I should be doing right this minute, but I'll get to that momentarily)

SO. Not for nothing I go up on LinkedIn to update my contact list, and note that I have a number of people from the same organization looking at my profile.

The only thing I can conclude about this is that whoever said what about me previously to blackball me from said organization is either a) now being ignored or b) was fired or c) discredited in some other fashion.

You can say what you will about me. I am a social clod. I have OCD. But I'll tell you what, the OCD pays off handsomely for what I do--because I am damn good at it as a consequence.

The proof is what you are, how you live, what you do with your life. My internal compass has never failed me. Nor has God. And as that pertains to work matters, the economy is lousy, but amazingly, I am finding work, and it is finding me.

Tell me it's not connected? I don't buy it.

Things are moving forward.

As for MIL being here, I won't have much in the way of romance, but relative safety is a good thing.

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