Sunday, February 15, 2009

In vino, veritas

Don't ask me what I think about anything right now if you don't want to hear the truth.

I just got an email from an eejit who tells me her life experience has made her more compassionate. That she has to tell me this already makes her compassion suspect. But whatever. I'm supposed to buy what she's selling, regardless of what my experience with her tells me.

SO MIL leaves tonight. We're ready for her to go. I already told her what I think about her compulsion to find matching lids to the tupperware this evening. (She didn't like it)

Right now, what am I thinking? I need to lose some weight. I'll start running again tomorrow. I really want to get back into aquatics, but the schedule is a problem right now. I loved that. I need to get my blood work done to see if my cholesterol is going to kill me. Maybe tomorrow.

I have homework and another run to P'burgh later in the month. Better get caught up. I also have some editing to finish and send up tomorrow. Yeah. Then my new project with S, and to sign and send off the contract for the other new gig. Gonna be a busy next little while. Workwise.

Oh the homefront, have to confront the reality that G is not a baby anymore. It really is hard for me to acknowledge that he's growing up, and I'm surprised at how hard it's hitting. Al remonstrated me the other night for calling him Kitten. Now he's Tiger. He likes Tiger.

And watching him at the party today, playing with his friends, playing the games, I found myself saying to another mom, "Nic never would have done this," and realizing with a start how true that was, that what G is doing was unthinkable for Nic at the same age. Possible now, unthinkable then.

How far Nic's come. And G, while he has his issues, is already so far ahead in so many ways.

And Miss C has compassion with people with 'certain conditions.' Heh. She hasn't a fucking clue.

Still doesn't.

My email was brief. 'You are fortunate. I wish you well.'

Good riddance.

And darken my doorstep at your peril.


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