Friday, February 13, 2009

Angels in Unexpected Places

I forgot to mention as an addendum to the swimming coolness the other night--I was boxed in, so figured I'd take a short cut across a field back to the main driveway.

Uh, forgot to factor in the snow melt.

Yeah, guess who got stuck?

The boys remained unfazed. "You'll figure it out, mom," N told me.

I did. I saw a Clark Kent-looking guy getting into his car and sprinted over to him. "I'm stuck!" I shouted.

He looked out at the van. "You sure are."

"Can you help me?"

He looked at me a moment. "Let me strap my little guys in, I'll be right over."

No doubt he was thinking about calling the county with my location.

But he came over, and with a little skill, finesse and patience, he coaxed the van back onto the asphalt. And he waved off my thanks.

"Angels," I told my boys as we headed home, "are everywhere."

And Clark Kent really *is* Superman.....

And angels? MIL is here for the weekend.


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