Monday, February 9, 2009

My baby is 9

Nic had a great day on Saturday--we had a basketball game in the am and I told him 'you play half a game, I'll take you to lunch.'

He played more than half the game--and scored!

He still needs to learn the whole concept of fighting for the ball, but he's really getting there.

We had lunch at Friendly's and we watched out the window for birds. A highlight was when a red tail hawk alit in a tree across the road. That was pretty cool. I think Nic liked lunch, but I think he liked the fact that it was just me and him more.

We stopped off at a grocery store to pick up party supplies and came back to finish cleaning for our guests. We had Wii and pizza. Nic invited 8 kids, we heard back from 6, one called out sick at the last minutes, so 4 showed up, joined later by my friend, her hubby and their 3 boys. After we cut the cake, the guests (all kids from Nic's school) left and we had a nice visit with our friends (and their boys enjoyed the Wii)

They left at 10:30 and our boys promptly crashed out. It was a very nice day.

Yesterday we had a family luncheon for mom, who turned 70 on Friday. The boys and I bought her an assortment of gift cards for groceries and eating out--younger sis provided the luncheon, and we were late, so I didn't get to see the other gifts.

We had a great visit, younger sis made me laugh until I cried, the boys had a great time and behaved extremely well and even got to play outside part of the afternoon--it was a gorgeous day.

We dropped mom off, and the boys were disappointed she didn't come home with us. And we had a very random evening; dad worked on a grant, I finished up books 5-8 of Bone and the kids just hung out and relaxed. Nic sort of fell apart at bed time, but he had a busy weekend--he was entitled.

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