Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Delay Today?

Yep. We got four inches and the bus will come in an hour for Nic. Have to get him dressed. He is busy jumping up and down on the tramp in the office while watching Finding Nemo.

What I can't figure out is why they closed the schools due to slush LAST week when a delay would have done....

Anyway. I had to go up to the charity last night to drop something off anyway and wouldn't have bothered if the boys didn't also have swim lessons. I had no phone call telling me the lessons were cancelled, so, off we trundled, and I nearly spun out about two miles from home.

But then the roads cleared a bit, so we went. By the time we got to camp, it was coming down pretty heavily.

Meanwhile, Nic kept telling me to turn around because he didn't want to swim. He didn't want to get in the pool. I dragged him into the dressing room and he managed to change himself. G, meanwhile, wanted to swim, so he and Nic were nattering in near perfect counterpoint.

G managed to wipe out and land on his bottom on the pool deck, so by the time I got there, he was in my arms, crying angry tears, while Nic made his way into the pool. G rubbed his sore bottom while I massaged his sore ego, then he followed.

Thank God it wasn't Nic that wiped out, else he NEVER would have gotten into the pool.

So they had good lessons, Nic making huge headway in spite of himself. He puts on goggles and goes under water now after his lesson (have to buy goggles for his birthday) and even put a pair of fins on last night.

Gabriel still swims like a pencil.

I wrapped up the free time a little earlier last night because we had a rough time last week with a girl in the dressing room--as much as possible I try to make sure we're in there during off times, especially since Nic is getting older and 'looking'. I'm hoping by next year he'll go off into the men's locker room on his own.

As soon as we got outside, my heart sank. Maybe another two inches of snow had fallen since we went in, and I knew it wasn't going to be a fun drive. We played 'Pet Sounds Live,' and I told the boys that there was to be NO FIGHTING while I navigated home.

I think we topped out at 30 mph. It took twice as long as usual to get home, and the last leg had some person (who I guess was looking for some one to hit him) driving slow--stopping short at a spot where I nearly fishtailed. When I stopped to give him plenty of space ahead of me, *he* stopped too, as if he were waiting for me!

So this went for an agonizing two miles before I finally ducked out into my neighborhood, leaving him to be some one else's accident.

SO. There is thick snow out there, and I called G out of his am placement. (Have to call the bus) And I am working at home, playing catch up, making Nic lunch and trying to figure out my month.

In between I've been helping a friend mend some fences, pitching in to help another family and figuring out what my Saturday is going to look like. Nic's b'day party has three attendees so far. I think I am going to make some calls....

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