Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two firsts, a second and a fish

Okay, so it was a good thing I showed up at church early. No youth lectors. So I dragooned another lector to be the voice and I did the rest myself. Not only did it work out fine, I had people complimenting the way things went. I smiled, thanked them, apologized profusely to Fr M (who was fine with all, praised my reading and the fact that I do so much on the fly, as does he--"Rigid people make me nervous," he told me as I left. It was a nice thought to leave with, because I concur.

So Nic swam, scored first twice and a VERY close second in the third race. This from the kid who two years ago wouldn't go into ANY pool--ever. Yay for my boy.

And trout season opened yesterday, so we spent the rest of the day fishing. Nic brought in a nice one we cooked up for dinner. And then he did a few things to guarantee to curtail our trip and lose computer privileges. Ah well, we can never seem to have a wholly perfect day. We'll take what we can get.

B'more is postponed until the work is off my desk--which it will be by tomorrow.

So in short, all is well for the moment. Will be better once I finish all my work once and for all. Then on to a good week with the boys. Looking forward to it.

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