Friday, April 10, 2009

That comparison thing again

We didn't do tee-ball with Nic.

There was just no way it would happen. We had so many other priorities with him that it didn't even enter our consciousness to try sports at age 5 with him. Which is why we are where we are now with him and sports. Because's actually possible.

Having said that, tee-ball seemed like a good idea for G. After all, he doesn't have many of the behaviors Nic had and he can actually blend.

Or so I thought. I've been schooled at tee-ball this week. If G doesn't look autistic, then he doesn't look like he's very bright. And as usual, I was out there working with him hand over hand, thinking that this is supposed to be a learning experience for all these kids.

Then it hit me on the way home. In this sports-crazy township, the parents all pre-teach the games to the kids. I remember seeing next-door neighbor boy working with his dad in the back yard on tee-ball basics last year.

"They were playing," DH admonished.

"They were *working*," I retorted. I know what playing looks like, and this wasn't it.

SO. Before next practice, I know what G and I will be doing. And maybe it will work out. If it does, great, and if not....well, well get through it and move on. Like we do everything else.

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Elizabeth said...

heh, I was reminded yesterday by a fellow friend on the spectrum that the pre-teaching thing is something I am supposed to do ANYWAY. And funnily enough, it's something I do in every other area of their lives EXCEPT sports. Duh. Bad mom.