Saturday, April 4, 2009

Onward and upward

Okay, we tried roller skating--had a birthday party for a friend's daughter at a rink. Thought my kids would love it. I loved roller skating as a kid.

Neither of my kids like falling down. They both lasted a half hour--or exactly one lap around the rink. I went a few times on my own. Then the skates were off and we watched everyone else.

Not exactly a disaster, but when we were coming home, I was stopped at a light, and noticed a little girl of 3 or 4 getting out of her grandmother's car and going hand in hand with her into a house.

Kind of sad. My kids will never do the overnight at grandmom's. Never did, never will. I try not to impose the stuff of my childhood on my kids--they have their own lives and will have things that they will be happy to remember that they did. I can't think it too sad that they have their own memories, but when I think of some of the stuff they are missing out on by virtue of what they have going on, well, it just sucks.

Back to thinking of Nic Version 3.0. We haven't done him wrong.

But there is still a lot we need to get right.

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