Thursday, April 16, 2009

Signs of progress

So yesterday was the classic pile up of planes over O'Hare. I had work, track, tee-ball, a side trip to the camp to pick up supplies and the Resource Fair. I was probably going to be late for everything.

Then weather knocked out T-ball and track--at least I think it knocked out track. I never heard anything, so I don't know for sure. So, the kids came off their buses, we headed to camp, then made the trip up to camp to get my supplies for the fair. The kids wanted to stay in the van and listen to O Brother Where Art Thou while I did my thing. Then off we went to BK. And Nic ate all of his kid meal and most of G's--so I had to get another burger for G. That was pretty funny if not outright annoying, but next time, I won't be so distracted as to NOT see that Nic was eating everything in sight.

So he did his math homework right there while G went into the play area. Nic even went in to play with the other kids, which in it of itself is impressive. Then off to the fair, with a promise from Nic that he'd do the rest of his homework in babysitting.

The big surprise? He did finish his homework in babysitting--despite all the distractions. That's a first.

He's going to have a ton of homework tonight because he decided to wait to the last minute (he really is my kid) for two projects due tomorrow. And G and I are going to work on his t-ball skills today.

Oh, for me, the fair was good. Had some good conversations with a few parents, and it's nice to be in a position where I can provide some useful information. Maybe some new families coming to the camp, too. Good stuff.

Lots to celebrate. Even the mundane stuff is a sign of success in this house. And we like success. It means independence, self-sufficiency, strength, and collaboration. I feel lucky to be able to celebrate it all--big and small.

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