Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"I Drink Your Milkshake!"

and other stuff that makes me laugh.

The kids rule the pool. Nic's not happy unless I am focused exclusively on him while he's out there. And he's swimming with the timed group now. My younger sister jokes 'Michael Phelps' but when I think of how far, how fast? It could happen.

Media training yesterday was not a waste of time and in fact sealed some collaborations--present and future.

Considering options about the Friday thing. Not sure where--if anywhere--I'll go with that.

The weekend made up for much. Boys both won a round of bingo, had a great time at Sesame on Saturday (and G had a great time at opening ceremonies for tee-ball), and Sunday we not only had a successful outing at another (non township) playground, we had a great time at a barbecue with friends.

Also had an online chat with SIL y'day about the playground incident, and she's right--you can't change how people think.

Speaking of that, DH and I watched a movie that did make me laugh out loud quite a bit, "There Will be Blood" (see the above title). DH was so impressed with DDL--"the guy's a genius"--but if I hadn't seen that contempt for everyone coupled with an entitlement complex twelve times the size of God IRL I might have found it a little more amusing and a little less unsettling.

I have known a person like that. I strongly suspect that person is every bit of what s/he was today. More so, probably.

But I can't think of that line without laughing out loud.

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