Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dinner last night, swim meet today

Had another black tie dealie to go to. We had a good table, so it was a lot of fun. Got to catch up with a fellow warrior mom whose 17 year old at long last is doing well. My niece had a good time with the boys, we can do this again.

Forgot to mention Nic's report card. He did well, but a test in his bag marked adapted showed me that while he got 100 in the test, it was 'dumbed down'--he was asked for one example, whereas the rest of the class was asked for two or three. I already told them I expected him to do the same work his classmates were doing. Meeting the Tuesday we come back, this will be at the top of the agenda...followed by the school bus and the crazy driver.

So Nic swims today. I hope G will be allowed to swim in the play area. I'll bring his suit--just in case.

Meeting friends in B'more and NY later in the week, local friends this weekend, and Easter. Still have two of three items on my desk, but they'll go in the next couple days (and it's fine). Another project on deck but I'm not doing anything with until next week. It's all kids, all the time this week.

Even got the house cleaned yesterday, so don't have to deal with that.

Off to get coffee, and then to church. The Youth lectors better be reading today.

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