Friday, April 3, 2009

Good place

This week is finishing up better than I could have ever expected. Seminar is going really well--except for bombing out right now! LOL

To answer my earlier thoughts, thinking about the terrified little boy in the videos and second guessing the intervening 6 years, I had a vivid visual of Nic, three years ago, coming into his classroom with a big smile lighting up his face and his big green eyes.

My big guy, with his big green eyes and his big smile, standing in front of his elevator poster for the science fair this week.

How can I second guess? He's swimming in deep water now, has his first swim meet on Sunday, starts track next week. He's come great distances in the last 6 + years.

So have I. But we both have quite a way yet to go. But we will. Together.

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