Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It was late; the sun shone high in the sky, and I drove in a city hadn't been to in a while, but the impending urgency that comes with the the knowledge that tempus fugit crowded out any pleasure I might have otherwise derived from familiar surroundings.

In waking life, this landscape resembled University City meets Northeast Philadelphia.

In dreamtime, I'm frantic. I'm due to meet up with my brother and sister in law on the other side of the river, and my short cuts are actually delaying me.

Hubby refrains from comment, which is how I know this is a dream. :)

We find ourselves at an underground garage; the bridge I had figured we would use to cross the river is closed to cars. Hubby and I look at one another, and I tell him to park the car.

Meanwhile, we are in an ante room of some kind, and Tosca is on the screen. We are late, but the baritone singing Scarpia's role (sounds like Bryn Terfel meets Samuel Ramey; looks like my Sherpa's hubby) has me captivated as he sings Te Deum. Hubby is urging me to go, but as late as we are, I just *have* to watch and listen.......

I jerk awake and look at the clock with a groan. I should have been out the door and on the road ten minutes by now. I race downstairs, put on the coffee, make the kids' lunches, race back upstairs, throw on my clothes (and thank God Nic bullied me into taking my shower the night before), wake hubby, and race out the door.

Except I forgot something. A couple somethings--my name badge, and both cars are running on fumes.

I mutter, get the badge, get on the road, stop for gas, and note that the road is filled with people similarly dazed. It does feel like a Monday.

Still, my raptor compatriots are at their posts, and I see them, and know it's going to be a good day anyway, odd dreams and oversleeping notwithstanding. I'm learning not to let the little annoyances wreck my mood; in fact, I find good in them, because there is, in fact a reason for everything.

And I am at a point in life where I feel like I don't have to know what those reasons are. That they are, is sufficient.

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