Monday, July 12, 2010


If you heard a sonic boom over the weekend, chances are better than not you heard me descending back into the atmosphere, tumbling end over end until at last I hit the ground with a muffled explosion and puff of dust.

I'm still coughing up dirt.

Figuratively speaking of course, although I do feel a bit bruised, shaken, and otherwise disoriented. The kids and I passed a good enough weekend with friends in Maryland, although it was a bit marred by Nic and G's taking turns acting out while we were out and about.

Good things: we saw Despicable Me (cute movie), went to a museum and a playground on Saturday and went to DC on Sunday. Nic really enjoyed the American Indian museum and botanical gardens. We did have a blow up when he loaded up his tray 'with all the foods I like best' and presented me with a $46 bill at the eatery in the National Gallery (that little stunt cost his computer for the month and he has to work off the difference he owes me for lunch).

I remind myself that it's all a learning experience, and he will never do that again. But I will never turn my back on him for a minute in a cafeteria setting, either. (what happened was that I made the mistake of thinking about what I wanted for lunch, and I thought I was safe because I had already picked up pizza for him. Heh)

I bagged the leftovers, and that was dinner on the way home.

I have to keep in mind that life is not always perfect, and that the best teachable moments come from crashing and burning up in the atmosphere, in much the same way I've been doing the last few days.


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