Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good Stuff in Waking Life

In the real world, Nic experienced a huge milestone. Yesterday, as we sat and waited for the parade to come down our street, Nic caught sight of a girl he has a crush on.

"Mom! There's M--! Can I go sit with her?"

Holy cow, REALLY?? "Um, yeah," I answered nonplussed, but thinking quickly. "But you better ask if it's okay, first."

Nic bolted across the street, and I marveled at how fast he can move when he's motivated. He sprinted back, beaming triumphantly. "She said yes!"

I nodded. "Okay, don't forget your water and chair."

He gathered these up and bolted back to the lawn tent her family set up. I noted he was sitting in the sun and hadn't put block on. I hated to do the mom thing, but I did.

"You need this," I told his questioning look, and he helped me put on his sunblock withot a word of complaint. M looked on and I glanced over at her and smiled. "Thanks for inviting Nic over."

"Oh, no problem," she answered, smiling. Really a sweet girl, I can see why Nic likes her.

A big deal: Nic with friends watching the parade while G and I sat with people we sort of knew from around. G had about a half dozen people come up and say hello to him; I chatted with the older man who parked his chair next to mine. Hubby eventually rolled up and stood with us, and when he realized Nic was elsewhere, he spent most of the rest of the parade keeping an eye on him, or looking for him, or worrying about him.

"Honey," I reminded him. "This is *normal*."

He huffed. "She's too nice to him."

I was quiet a moment, thinking of all the people who weren't kind to him at all. "Enjoy it. He is."

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