Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ostentatious Spirituality

I need to write a few lines about this. I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but it isn't really. Think about all the flavors of books and seminars out there that range from the ultra conservative to the woo-woo New Age thinking that, at the bottom line, seeks to separate seekers from their money.

It blows my mind how many people fall for this crap. All in the name of seeking enlightenment.

My own faith and spirituality lies in the sum of my experiences--and as it should be. Every one has their own unique belief system that is the sum of their experiences. I can't tell you how and what to believe any more than you can tell me. Because there IS no one right answer.

Ironically, those who espouse different dogmas at heart but have their own systems of belief have more in common at their core with me than anyone who claims to be any one thing or another.

My thought du jour is this; embrace the experiences and opportunities of every day. Bad experiences serve two purposes; they teach, and they exist to remind you of your blessings, and of all that is good in your life. So 'bad' experiences, are, in their way, good. If you know how to appreciate them for what they are.

Every day is a blessing. Every connection you make is a blessing. Live. Love. Laugh. Do it all early and often.

(and that didn't cost you anything but your time).

Go in peace, and pay it forward.


Anonymous said...

yes, you are right - Thanks for writing it!

I just Googled the two words 'ostentatious spirituality' and wow! here you'd wrote it!

... I Googled this search after reflecting on a recent long drawn out exchange I had with an aquaintence, and I was at a loss for words with then thought the next morning, 'I am so glad that I just enjoy life simply...'

EL said...

Glad I could help!