Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ducks and Wineberries

I've been running at full bore since 5:30 am but needed to type a few things.....

Good: in the greenspace that surrounds where I work, I was happy to note the crop of wild wineberries blooming along the bike path last week. In spite of the scorching hot temperatures yesterday, I paused a little on the way back from my meeting, laptop on shoulder, heels and skirt, wading through the underbrush and putting berries in a cup.

I haven't done that in years, since before I had Nic. I had a nice little harvest, listening to the birds, with the weight of my laptop reminding me that I needed to get back to it....

And I need to type a few lines about the Duck Tour boat that was hit by the barge in the Delaware this afternoon. Nic's cries and protestations that day about six weeks ago now seem oddly prophetic, given that it was exactly 6 weeks ago within an hour that we were on that Duckboat.

I wonder if the kid who was making fun of Nic's upset knows about this, and what happened.

I pray for the safe return of the missing. And sigh. And wonder about everything Nic knows that the rest of us don't......

Watched Toy Story 3 with the boys tonight. Got a postcard from G's AS teacher letting me know she is retiring. Talked another mom off her ledge about the same message she got via the mail today.

So much bitter in my sweet today. Sad. Tired.

Tomorrow is another day. Prayers for the missing, wounded and hurting tonight.

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