Friday, July 16, 2010

Little Gifts Satisfy the Soul

As I headed west on the PA turnpike for my speaking gig last night, I pondered what I'd eat for dinner. An eye appointment delayed my departure, and it was already too late to eat with my family. I spied a rest area sign, and on it was Roy Rogers, a rare find anywhere these days.

Roy Rogers! I couldn't help but grin. We belonged to the buckeroo club, the five of us, and got a free soda with our meal every Sunday. As part of our rituals, my mom would take us to lunch at Roy's then either the local airport or the mall after. And I always got a roast beef sandwich.

My mouth watered at the thought of one of those sandwiches.

I stopped in for that and a baked potato (a tip of the hat to my metabolism), and that sandwich was The. Best. Ever. It says something that it was past 7 and last time I ate was around 11 am. But anyway.

When I get to the hotel, I am pleased to discover that it has an indoor pool. Nirvana! I lost no time in changing and hurrying to the pool.

I used to do lots of laps; last night, I did some, I floated some, I dove some, but for the most part, I just hung out there in the pool. And a hot shower after. AH!!!

So when I called hubby at 10 with the kids shouting in the background, he snapped "you already had several glasses of wine, didn't you?"

I laughed, too mellow to be affronted. "I just came in from the pool. AND a hot shower."

"Oh." Pause. "You sound great."


After I rang off with him, I pannicked as I looked at the questions I'd be answering in the panel discussion this morning. Did I REALLY know what I wanted to say? What was I supposed to say?

Thank God for the functional desktop in the lobby and Google is all I can say.

And it went awesome. I am so happy with the day. Time to go home, get the boys, and get rolling on the weekend....

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