Saturday, July 3, 2010

Literal House Needs Order!

The big downside of working out of the home is that my house is looking more bomb-hit than usual.

The big upside is that we are all very busy and content, enjoying each other and life. Nic has taken to getting pushed outside his comfort zone, and as always, G is happy to be wherever he is.

I am happy to find myself doing whatever we are doing on a given day; we have a pretty good mix of continuing our elevator adventures, golf outings and miscellaneous fun and getting together with friends. Yesterday we spent a very pleasant afternoon and evening with friends, last week we similarly spent a Friday evening swimming, playing and talking, and it just looks like these good times will stretch on through the summer.

It just all feels good. But for this morning, I really do need to clean. Windows are open, birds are singing, time to get the coffee on and get busy!

(Thank you God for another beautiful day!)

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